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Video by Ted Ramasola. Length 5 minutes

bohol info

Panglao is connected to Bohol by 2 bridges. Bohol is the 10th biggest island in the Philippines.

POPULATION: approximately 1.3 million
LANGUAGE: boholano & english
RELIGION: about 93% of catholics

SIZE: 4117 square kilometers
LOACTION: visayas, 640 km south of manila
CAPITAL: tagbilaran, 100,000 inhabitants

CURRENCY: peso (php short form)
CLIMATE: tropical, 27 to 33 degrees during the day. at night, approximately 25 degrees.

some attractions in bohol

The best known destination are of course the chocolate hills.
chocolate hills bohol philippines There are over 1200 limestone hills, 40 to 100 meters high, close to the village of Carmen, around 55 km from the capital tagbilaran. In the dry season the grass on the hills becomes brown like chocolate, which explains the name.

Another highlight are the tarsiers.
tarsier bohol philippines The smallest monkeys are living here, circa 10 km out of tagbilaran, in their natural habitat.
tarsier face bohol philippines

The loboc river is the longest river in bohol.
loboc river bohol philippines The food and drinks on this floating restaurants is very good. The journey on the river takes circa 50 minutes through a breathtaking landscape and ends at the Tontonan waterfall.

Alona Beach

Coco Palm Alona Beach

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